Garden of Eros


Hey there, I'm Genesis! I'm a disabled, transmasc/nonbinary digital artist.

I am a freelance artist, and in my personal time, I make fan art and original content. Most of my art centers around fashion and portraits.



commission pricing

Sketch: $35
Line: $45
Flat Color: $55
Shaded: $70
+1 character: 50% of the price

Half Body
Sketch: $55
Line: $65
Flat Color: $75
Shaded: $90
+1 character: 50% of the price

Full Body
Sketch: $75
Line: $90
Flat Color: $100
Shaded: $120
+1 character: 50% of the price

Simple: +$30
Complex: +$50

Digital paintings including .PNG and .JPEG files with pricing based on an hourly rate with a down payment at the beginning of the process.

For a painting, please send me face, pose, expression, and background references.

Prices starting at $200.

Terms of service

By commissioning me, you agree to the terms below.
If you have any questions, feel free to send me a message!

-I work on commissions Monday through Thursday.
-I answer any messages/inquiries whenever I can.

-You can purchase a commission for others.
-I have the right to decline a commission without any given reason.
-I am willing to take commissions like art for your stream, twitter banners, desktop backgrounds, etc. Prices will vary for these.
-I reserve the right to post your commissioned pieces on my social media accounts or use them in my portfolio.

-I will not start until I receive full payment on pieces under $200 or a down payment on pieces exceeding $200.
-Payments are in USD.
-I accept PayPal or Cash App as payment options.

-If I have started lining or painting your commission, I DO NOT allow refunds.
-Commissions are for PERSONAL USE ONLY unless we had a discussion beforehand (like using it for streams or promotional materials).
-Usage for things like icons, headers, side images, etc. are fine.
-You may print your commissioned piece for personal use (ex. for yourself or as a gift).
-You may NOT use it for commercial use unless we have communicated otherwise (ex. business cards, march, etc.).
-You may NOT claim it as your own artwork. Put credit where credit is due.

-Once payment is sent, I will begin your commission.
-I will send a work in progress when the sketch is done.
-This is the stage where you will ask me for changes, if needed.
-I will send more works in progress if I need more clarification.
-Once you approve the sketch, I will continue and finish the commission.
-Any big changes after the sketch stage will result in a +$5 charge for each change.

-Adoptables and designs are for personal use. If the design being purchased is for commercial use, prices will be negotiated case by case.
-You are allowed to gift adoptable/designs to someone else.
-You must credit me as the designer.
-If you resell an adoptable/design, please do not resell for a higher price than what it was originally bought for unless there is extra art added to it.

-People (real life and fictional)
-Complex outfits
-Feral animals (depends)
-Fan art
-Candy gore, gore (depends)

-Non-con (this includes lolicon, shotacon, etc.)

If you are 18+ feel free to contact me about NSFW commissions!